I've been trying to write a poem that I can say in front of a white people 

Without making them squirm

So I wrote about how everything is okay 

Erased the in slaving me 

Traded in the Trade 

and slave ships 

and shit and the bodies 

and the sweat 

and the death and the bodies overboard 

Still like wood 

Ever seen a dead man walk the plank

Float in a killers accomplishh

Do you know dead bodies float

Like trying to find its way to heaven

But live bodies swim cause they are afraid of it

Do you know heaven can't see through ships

So they sends storms 

And big fish

But fish never have an appetite for black men

So we bary ourselves in our own bellies 

swollow our pride and swim 

With the last ounce of breath that left 

I wonder if a slave every swam home

As obserd as it sounds 

We survived worse

What do call a black man who can swim


We've been drowning since we met the white man

No wonder we afraid to learn the backstroke

Salt water don't fare well in flesh wounds

And H2O been a black mans criptonite since the dawn of the Atlantic trade 

Traded ocean for hoses, fountains for flint

I'll tell you why black men never know how to swim 

cause black man can't float 

if a black man can't breath